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I provide a range of services, with a focus on supporting working parents with their mental health and  to navigate the challenges inherent in managing career and parenting

Psychology based training

I offer bespoke training, including webinars, full-day and half-day workshops tailored to the needs of your organisation.

Training can cover a variety of topics, including managing role transition, stress & burnout,  self-care and building confidence in the workplace.


1-1 Coaching

My 1-1 coaching service is designed to provide specialised support for working parents. My goal is to empower working parents to achieve their goals with confidence.

I offer 1-1 in-person VIP days and 6 month coaching packages.

Consultancy and strategy

I can help organisations with planning and strategy around mental health and psychological wellbeing policies and practices. This can include practical guidance and support for HR teams in the management of mental health

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